Professor Chris Marshall has published extensively on restorative justice, including All Things Reconciled (2018).

Restorative justice is a way of responding to wrongdoing or conflict that seeks to repair the harms suffered, and to do so by actively involving the affected parties in respectful dialogue and decision-making.

Scholarly publications by Professor Chris Marshall

Occasional papers

Paper 1: The Present State and Future Direction of Restorative Justice Policy in NZ (PDF)

Paper 2: Family Violence, the Law and Restorative Justice (PDF)

Paper 3: The Need for Prudent Courage (PDF)

Paper 4: Restorative Justice in Prisons (PDF)

Paper 5: A Review of European Standards on Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence (PDF)

Paper 6: Elder Harm and Restorative Practices (PDF)

Paper 7: Restorative Practice in Youth Justice Residences (PDF)