Advice to advisers

Policy advising is an art, not a science, says Dr David Bromell, senior associate at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.

David has released a practical guide on the topic for policy advisers, their managers and students of the subject. The Art and Craft of Policy Advising is based on 14 years’ experience as a policy practitioner in central and local government.

“About half of New Zealand’s policy staff learn on the job. I wanted to contribute to the policy community and pass on what I have learnt.

“A key message is that effective policy advising is less about rational, linear processes—policy cycles, stages and steps—and more about relationships, integrity and communication.

“There’s a strong focus on creating public value in the policy advice role. We can only do this by working with others, and it demands new and different skills from how we may have previously provided policy advice.”