A+ report card for Victoria

Victoria University passed with flying colours in the most recent academic audit conducted by the Academic Quality Agency (AQA).

The University was commended for a large number of initiatives, particularly those focusing on Māori and Pasifika students.

“We are delighted that the panel found so many areas of commendation and are particularly pleased that they singled out our ongoing commitment to working with our students to ensure they achieve at the highest levels, academically and personally,” Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford says.

The audit panel was particularly impressed by Victoria’s “active commitment to Māori and to Pasifika students and their communities”.

Overall, the University received 12 commendations from the panel, covering areas such as commitment to teaching excellence, the strength of its strategic planning, engagement and partnership with students and its focus on retention and academic frameworks.

“The panel endorsed Victoria’s focus on working with our students to develop the University’s strategic plan, graduate profile and learning partnership, and was impressed with the comprehensive set of resources and material we use to support academic achievement,” says Grant.

The  AQA was established in 1993 to monitor and advise on academic quality and standards. The process of audit requires an initial self-review, then a panel visits the University and conducts interviews. Around 120 staff and students were interviewed during the audit.

The report commends good practice and makes recommendations intended to assist universities in their own programmes of continuous improvement.

Read the report on our academic audit.