One for the books

How can an extraordinary collection of academic books be put to best use? Victoria University of Wellington found a novel solution after alumni Danny and Ting Chan, brothers who attended the University in the early 1970s, donated a 20-foot container of new academic books to the University.

Danny and Ting wanted the books to be a useful resource at a university with which Victoria University of Wellington had close links. The University learned from Associate Professor Hon Luamanuvao Dame Winnie Laban, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Pasifika) and National University of Samoa (NUS) Council Member, that the NUS library needed new academic resources. Danny and Ting quickly got behind the proposal to send them to NUS and in addition to sponsoring the donation, they funded the shipping cost to Samoa.

More than 12,000 books were given to NUS, comprising new publications covering a wide range of subjects including health, science, history, political science, commerce, finance, and literature. The collection will enhance the NUS Library collection and add to the resources available to the wider university community.

Danny and Ting say “The donation is a small token of our appreciation for the lasting benefits of our attendance at Victoria University of Wellington many years ago. We are delighted that the books have gone to a university library where they will be valued.”

Danny graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Honours) in 1973 and in 2017 he received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University. He has been involved in many New Zealand businesses including in investment management, floriculture and education and is a founder of the Academic Colleges Group (ACG). Ting graduated with a combined Bachelor of Arts and Laws (Honours) in 1976 and has enjoyed a fulfilling legal and corporate career overseas.

Dame Winnie says of the donation, “This incredible and generous contribution was gratefully received by the people of Samoa, and builds upon the University’s long-standing relationship with the National University of Samoa. The University has close links with Samoan communities, and I would like to thank Danny and Ting for their generosity in providing essential academic resources to NUS that will support students and staff hugely.”