Winifred Bauer

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MLitt, PhD Edin, MA Auck, DipTESL


Winifred Bauer is a New Zealander descended from some of New Zealand's earliest British settlers and was born in Gisborne. After graduating from the University of Auckland with an MA in English Language and Literature, Winifred Bauer took up a Junior Lectureship at the English Language Institute at Victoria, where she obtained a DipTESL. She then pursued postgraduate study in Linguistics at Edinburgh University, with an MLitt thesis on an aspect of English grammar.

During a further year at the English Language Institute at Victoria in 1974, she began to learn Māori. This provided the inspiration for a PhD thesis entitled Aspects of the Grammar of Māori, written over several years while she taught English Language and Linguistics first at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and then at Odense University in Denmark. Her research into te reo Māori has continued throughout her sporadic academic life. For many years, she tutored in Linguistics at Victoria, and she has been a contract lecturer at Te Kawa a Māui since 2003.

Current Research Projects

  • Analysis of change in use of the Māori post-head particles over time, based on transcripts from the MAONZE project, Te Paipera Tapu, and three other small written corpora.
  • Verb concatenation: gathering data for a study of classes and ordering of concatenated verbs in Māori.
  • Presentative sentences in Māori.

Research Interests

Winifred Bauer is not employed by the University to undertake research. She is working on a revised edition of her 1997 grammar of Māori, and continues to take an active interest in all aspects of the Māori language, regularly presenting conference papers both in NZ and overseas. From 1999-2001 she worked as research assistant on a project supported by the Marsden Fund investigating dialect differences in the playground English of New Zealand school children (based in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies) which led to a significant body of publications.

Achievements and Awards

  • Invited keynote speaker at the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association XIV Conference, Montreal, May 2007
  • Claude Macarthy Fellowship, 1995
  • J.D. Stout Research Fellowship, 1990.

Postgraduate Supervision

Two PhD students, one recently-completed MA student.

Selected Publications

Winifred Bauer's most significant publications relating to te reo Māori include:

  • (with L. Bauer), The inflection-derviation divide in Māori and its implications. Te Reo 55: pp. 3-24, 2012.
  • Is the Health of Te Reo Māori Improving? Te Reo, 51: pp. 33-73, 2008.
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