Diasporic domestic masculinity: Iranian men’s domestic foodwork in Aotearoa New Zealand

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MY305 (Murphy Building Level 3) Kelburn Campus

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Using Bourdieu and his conceptualisation of cleft habitus, while also drawing on ethnographic accounts of domestic food work among Iranians of New Zealand, Dr Amir Sayadabdi shows that diasporic Iranian men constantly negotiate and strategically move between different 'homes', different spheres, and different sociocultural fields, and in doing so generate the ‘appropriate’ practices to ensure conformity with the requirements of identifiable gendered positions within each field.

Speaker Bios

Amir received his PhD in Anthropology from University of Canterbury in 2020. His doctoral thesis investigated the relationship between food and identity among diasporic Iranians of New Zealand. His research interests include anthropology of food, gender (and sexuality) studies, migration and diaspora studies, and cultural history of food.

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