New Zealand's free trade talks with the United Kingdom

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Presented by Professor Susy Frankel (Chair in Intellectual Property and International Trade, Wellington Faculty of Law); Professor Alan Bollard (Professor of Practice, Wellington School of Business and Government, and inaugural holder of the Chair for Pacific Region Business); Dr Eldrede Kahiya (Senior Lecturer in International Business, Wellington School of Business and Government)

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Spotlight Lecture Series

31 Jul 2020 12:30 pm to 31 Jul 2020 1:30 pm

Rutherford House LT2 (RHLT2), Pipitea Campus, Bunny Street

With free trade talks on the table with the UK, what are the impacts, opportunities and challenges for New Zealand?

In June 2020, the New Zealand government announced the start of free trade negotiations with the United Kingdom. As one of the first countries to negotiate a trade deal with a post-Brexit UK, the New Zealand government has indicated a commitment to delivering an inclusive bilateral agreement which provides significant benefits to both countries.

Join our experts as they share their insights and perspectives on the free trade talks, the impacts on innovation incentives, what trade patterns might look like under an FTA, and what it all means for New Zealand exporters.

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