Training and events

Find out more about in-house training, consultancy, and online courses offered by the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership.

Training and consultancy

The Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership offers in-house training and consultancy services throughout New Zealand and overseas. We will tailor practical sessions to your requirements.

Training sessions are available in the following areas:

  • Ethical leadership
  • Speak up culture/ethical climate
  • Unethical workplace behaviour
  • Ethics management
  • Anti-corruption strategies

Presentations and workshops can be formatted to cover an hour of basic overview and discussion, right through to a full day of presentations and practical workshop activity.

Get in touch

Contact us to discuss your requirements for training and consultancy and to find out about our pricing structure.

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Email the Chair.

Online course

The Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership also offers a massive open online course titled ‘Ethical Leadership in a Changing World’. This is available through the EdX platform.

Other workshop opportunities

Transparency International New Zealand offers forums in Wellington focusing on integrity and transparency. These forums offer an opportunity to hear experts talk and to reflect on questions on the topic of integrity.

Find out more about the TINZ lunchtime forums.