Dr Kai Chen

Teaching in 2020

Research interests

My main research interests are developing and applying laser spectroscopy to study advanced optoelectronic materials.

For spectroscopy techniques, I have experience in femtosecond Ti-sapphire laser systems and a good knowledge of optics and nonlinear optics.

I have designed and built several spectroscopy systems. Currently, these tools are applied to study photophysics of organic photovoltage materials, particularly focusing on exciton and photocurrent dynamics.


Dr Kai Chen began his research in the ultrafast spectroscopy group at Victoria University of Wellington under Dr Justin Hodgkiss’ supervision in 2011. Kai received his PhD in physics in 2015. He is from Taiwan. Before coming to New Zealand, he studied at National Tsing Hua University and also had experience in working at Academia Sinica.

Teaching in 2020