Jason Low

Teaching in 2020

Teaching in 2020


BA (Hons), PhD University of Western Australia

Editorial Board

Editorial Advisory Board Member of British Journal of Developmental Psychology

The Theory of Mind lab

Jason leads the Theory of Mind lab, please check their website for more information on their current research.

Research Interests

Theory of Mind Cognition; Comparative Cognition

The main focus of Jason's current research is on the early development of our ability to ascribe complex mental states (especially beliefs) to predict other people’s behaviours (i.e., false-belief theory of mind understanding). Current projects examine:

  • The extent to which implicit (unconscious) false-belief tracking is sign-posted in children’s (and adults’) anticipatory looking responses
  • How complex grammatical understanding and executive functioning underpin explicit representation of belief as such
  • Whether there are dissociations in looking and verbal responses over a range of belief-inducing tasks
  • Signature limits on implicit theory of mind sensitivity.
  • The role of motor representations for implicit theory of mind understanding.

He has interests in the evolutionary basis of theory of mind and engages in collaborative research on comparative cognition (e.g., animals’ perceptual reasoning and their sensitivity to gaze and numerical information). He has also published research on how children’s knowledge and strategies become more manipulable and flexible over the course of development.

Jason is looking for new PhD students to join his lab in expanding research on children’s and adult's theory of mind development. Prospective students interested in undertaking PhD research in this area are welcome to contact him.

You can also find Jason Low on Google Scholar and Research Gate.


Member of the Society for Research in Child Development

Member of the American Psychological Society


Selected publications

Teaching in 2020

Teaching in 2020