Michele Amas: ‘Daughter’ was published in Sport 33, 2005.

Angela Andrews: ‘White Saris’ was published in Sport 33, 2005.

Stu Bagby: ‘The boys’ is from As it was in the beginning, Steele Roberts Publications Ltd, 2005

Jenny Bornholdt: ‘Photograph’ was published in Arts Foundation Newsletter, 2005 .

James Brown: ‘No Rest’ was first published in Glottis 10, 2005. This version is from James’ forthcoming collection The Year of the Bicycle, Victoria University Press, 2006.

Janet Charman: ‘tea mind’ was published in The New Zealand Listener, October 2005.

Geoff Cochrane: ‘Seven Unposted Postcards to My Brother’ was published in Landfall 210, 2005.

Mary Cresswell: ‘Golden Weather (Cook Strait)’ was published in Glottis 10, 2005.

Wystan Curnow: ‘10 rue d’Anjou’ is from Modern Colours, Jack Books, 2005.

Stephanie de Montalk: ‘Hawkeye V4’ is from Cover Stories, Victoria University Press, 2005.

Fiona Farrell: ‘Eel’ was published in Turbine 05, 2005.

Bernadette Hall: ‘The History of Europe’ was published in Landfall 210, 2005.

Anne Kennedy: ‘Die die, live live’ is from Time of the Giants, Auckland University Press, 2005.

Michele Leggott: ‘dulect’, is an extract from the poem ‘milk and honey taken far far away’ from Milk and Honey, Auckland University Press, 2005.

Anna Livesey: ‘Memory of a poem by August Kleinzahler’was published in Landfall 210, 2005.

Karlo Mila: ‘Sacred Pulu’ is from Dream Fish Floating, Huia Publishers, 2005.

James Norcliffe: ‘vice versa party’ is from Along Blueskin Road, Canterbury University Press, 2005.

Gregory O’Brien: ‘Where I Went’ is from Afternoon of An Evening Train, Victoria University Press, 2005.

Vivienne Plumb: ‘Goldfish’ is from Scarab: A Poetic Documentary, Seraph Press, 2005.

Anna Smaill: ‘Little Song’ is from The Violinist in Spring, Victoria University Press, 2005.

Elizabeth Smither: ‘Wearing Paloma Picasso’ was published in North and South magazine, August 2005.

Robert Sullivan: ‘Ahi Kā – The House of Ngā Puhi is from Voice Carried My Family, Auckland University Press, 2005.

Brian Turner: ‘Cycling in the Maniototo’ is from Footfall, Godwit, Random House, 2005.

Ian Wedde: ‘A Hymn to Beauty: Days of a Year’ is from Three Regrets and a Hymn to Beauty, Auckland University Press, 2005.

Sonja Yelich: ‘Foxholes – Nooses’ was published in Heat 9, 2005.



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