Sonja Yelich


SONJA YELICH was born in Auckland in 1965. Her first collection, Clung, published by Auckland University Press, won the 2005 Best First Book in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards. She lives in Auckland with her partner & their four children.

Yelich comments: ‘Embeds fascinate me. So I totally stretched the idea and embedded a woman into a dim lit hotel suite, complete with a mini bar and super king bed. And then I sexed her up a bit by giving her all the gadgets she’d need to log on to everything in sundry. And finally – so as to completely overload her I threw in a Lexus tank, Robert Fisk, Marines & some Big Dailies – of course a computer screen goes without saying. And from the safety of a Five Star Hotel Chain I put her in the front line. The poem is undoubtedly voyeuristic.’



Poem: Foxholes – Nooses



nzepc – new zealand electronic poetry centre: ‘yeah’

Auckland University Press


Best New Zealand Poems (2004, 2002)

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