Jenny Bornholdt



A little to the left
Neil, that’s nice, and
John, if you could come in
a bit, good, good,
now Neil, if you can turn
your body, this way,
yep, just a little, yep,
now turn your head
to me, yep, that’s
good. Now Humphrey,
chin up a bit, up,
good, John, if you can
come in closer
to Michael, good,
more, yep, Neil back
a bit, one step, turn
just a little, yep,
now Humphrey,
chin up, turn to the side
a bit, bit more, yep
good, Neil, Neil, back
a bit, yep, Humphrey
chin, Neil, closer Michael,
John, in together, turn
and now, yep, good,
chin Humphrey, closer,
turn, closer, Neil
John, Humphrey, chin
Humphrey, John, Neil
closer, closer, turn,
yep, now




Author’s Note


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