Peter Adds

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Ahonuku/Associate Professor Te Kawa a Māui


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Maori heritage, Maori history, Maori culture, Maori archaeology, Treaty of Waitangi, Treaty settlements


Te Āti Awa


MA(Hons) Auck


Peter Adds is an Associate Professor for Te Kawa a Māui - School of Māori Studies. He has worked in Māori Studies at Victoria University of Wellington since 1984 and has amassed experience in university administration, teaching and research. His primary tribal affiliation is to Te Āti Awa in Taranaki and his academic training is in anthropology and archaeology.

Current research projects

  • The New Zealand Wars: The Aftermath of Taranaki
  • Treaty Settlements and the negotiation process
  • Indigenous Archaeology
  • Indigenous Governance systems
  • Tino Rangatiratanga and the Treaty of Waitangi
  • The Māori Principles of the Treaty.

Research interests

  • International Indigenous issues
  • Treaty issues in New Zealand
  • Māori development.

Achievements and awards

Peter is currently the negotiator for Te Āti Awa ki Taranaki in their Treaty claim.

Postgraduate supervision

PhD students (current)

Amber Aranui, Rebecca Burke, Emalani Case, Theresa Crocker, Paul Meredith, Dennis Ngawhare

MA student (current)

Dougal Austin

Selected publications

  • Adds, Peter. Ancestral Landscapes of Taranaki in Taranaki Whenua: Life Blood Legacy. New Plymouth, Pukeariki Museum, 2008.
  • Adds, Peter. A Brilliant Civilisation in In The transit of Venus: how a rare astronomical alignment changed the world. Wellington, Awa Press, 2007.
  • Hall, Ms M, Adds, Mr P, Russell, Ms M, Walker, Ms T. Russell, Ms M, Walker, Ms T., 2007. Portrayal of Māori and Te Ao Māori in Broadcasting: The Foreshore and Seabed Issue. Wellington, Broadcasting Standards Authority, 2007.
  • Adds, Peter. First Footprints: People, Land and Resources in Aotearoa. Auckland. Pearsons, 2006.


Teaching in 2020