Dr Kathryn Sutherland

  • Associate Professor, Centre for Academic Development
    Faculty contact Wellington School of Business and Government, Law (until May 2020)
    Research Areas:
    Academic development Early career academic experiences


Kathryn returned to CAD in 2016 after nearly six years as Associate Dean (Students, Learning & Teaching) in the Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She coordinates the Victoria Early Career Academic Programme (VECAP), designed to support early career academics with establishing their academic careers, building supportive peer and mentoring networks, and developing their teaching and research. Kathryn also coordinates the Ako in Action programme, partnering students and academics to work together on teaching development and design. Kathryn’s research mainly focuses on the experiences of and support for early career academic staff, and she has received several awards for both her research and teaching. She is available to supervise PhD students in the following broad areas:

  • early career academic experiences
  • academic development as a field of research and practice
  • civic engagement and service learning
  • work-integrated learning and/or employability.

Grants and Awards


  • 2019 Teaching and Learning Circles: Developing reflective practice and enhancing teaching culture. $9,981. (Ako Aotearoa Central Hub Fund Research Grant)
  • 2017: Learning and Teaching Research Fund: “Learning from early adopters: Sustainable change towards high-impact pedagogies” ($7000)
  • 2017: OLT National Teaching Fellowship project, external evaluator and international advisory team member: “Making Connections: Future-proofing the generalist Bachelor of Arts”. (AUD$5000)
  • 2014: Learning & Teaching Development Fund Research Grant: “Developing the graduate attributes and employability skills of BA students through internship placements” ($20,000)
  • 2012: Learning & Teaching Development Fund Grant: “Internships in the Bachelor of Arts” ($20,000)
  • 2011: Ako Aotearoa National Project Fund Research Grant: “Success in Academia” ($122,244)
  • 2010: HERDSA Conference Creative Presentation Award (with Linda Bowden)
  • 2010: University Research Fund Grant: “Developing Scholarly Habits” ($17,000)
  • 2010: Ako Aotearoa Central Hub Research Grant: “Developing Scholarly Habits” ($2471)


  • Teaching Excellence Award (Victoria University of Wellington), 2018
  • Principal Fellow, Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), awarded June 2018
  • Distinguished Contribution to the Scholarship of Educational Development (2018)

Recent Publications

Timmermans, J.A. & Sutherland, K.A. (2020). Wise academic development: Learning from the ‘failure’ experiences of retired academic developers. International Journal for Academic Development, 25(1), 43-57. https://doi.org/10.1080/1360144X.2019.1704291

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