Mona Krewel

Teaching in 2020


  • BA, University of Mainz, Germany
  • MA, University of Mainz, Germany
  • PhD, University of Mainz, Germany


Mona Krewel is a lecturer in Comparative Politics with a specialisation in the study of elections, political parties, and public opinion, as well as an External Fellow of the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES) at the University of Mannheim (Germany) .

Before joining VUW, Mona has been the DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor in Cornell’s Department of Government and a Faculty Affiliate of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University. Mona received her Ph.D. from the University of Mainz (Germany) in 2014. Besides her Ph.D. studies in Political Communication at the University of Mainz, she taught comparative politics and method classes at the University of Mannheim from 2009 to 2015.

Mona’s research focuses on the relation between media and politics and in particular on the role of the media in election campaigns. In this context, she is specifically interested in persuasive and mobilizing campaign effects on voters in electoral contests.

Mona is also a member of the board of the German Society for Electoral research and in this capacity part of the team which conducts the German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES).

Research projects

Mona is currently working on a book project on “European elections in Times of Crisis” with the goal of delivering the big comparative picture for the surge of the far-right in Europe on the one hand and the decline of Social Democracy on the other. How is the right-wing backlash reshaping Europe’s political landscape? What are the roots of the New-Right Wing’s success in Europe? Why have mainstream and especially Social Democratic parties lost ground at the same time?


Mona is interested in supervising students in the following areas:

  • Political Communication
  • Media and Politics
  • Campaigns
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Voting Behavior
  • European & EU Politics
  • Party Research

Recent publications


  • Krewel, Mona (2017): Modernisierung deutscher Wahlkämpfe? Kampagnenkommunikation zwischen 1957 und 1965 [Modernization of German Election Campaigns? Campaign Communications between 1957 and 1965]. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Bevan, Shaun and Mona Krewel: Responsive Elections: The Effect of Public Opinion on Political Campaigns, in: Electoral Studies, Vol. 40 (2015): 548-555. (peer-reviewed, won best journal article in 2015 awarded by the German Society for Electoral Research)
  • Krewel, Mona/Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger and Ansgar Wolsing: The Campaign and its Dynamics at the 2009 German General Election, in: German Politics, Vol. 20, Issue 1 (2011): 32-54. (peer-reviewed).

Other journal articles

  • Krewel, Mona: Der Bundestagswahlkampf 1961 [The 1961 German General Election Campaign], in: Historisch-Politische Mitteilungen, 20 (2013): 171-198.

Book chapters

  • Krewel, Mona/Schmidt, Sebastian and Stefanie Walter (2016): Wahlkampf im Mehrebenensystem: Ich und mein Land? Ein Vergleich der Plakatwerbung in den Bundestags- und Europawahlkämpfen von 2009 und 2013/14. [Campaigning in a Multi-level Governance System: Me and my Country? A Comparison of Campaign Posters in the Federal and European Elections of 2009 and 2013/14], in: Tenscher, Jens/Rußmann, Uta (Hrsg.): Vergleichende Wahlkampfforschung [Comparative Campaign Communication Research]. Wiesbaden: Springer VS: 101-128.
  • Krewel, Mona (2015): Autonomy and Regulatory Frameworks of Public Service Media: Diverging Scenarios in a Europe of Different Levels, in: Arriaza Ibarra, Karen/Nowak, Eva/Kuhn, Raymond (Eds.): Public Service Media in Europa. Routledge/Taylor & Francis.
  • Krewel, Mona (2014): Die Wahlkampagnen der Parteien und ihr Kontext [Party Campaigns and their Context], in: Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger/Rattinger, Hans/Roßteutscher, Siegrid/Wolf, Christof (Eds.): Zwischen Fragmentierung und Konzentration: Die Bundestagswahl 2013 [Between Fragmentation and Concentration: The 2013 German General Election]. Baden-Baden: Nomos: 35-46.
  • Krewel, Mona/Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger and Ansgar Wolsing (2011): Geringe Polarisierung, unklare Mehrheiten und starke Personalisierung: Parteien und Wähler im Wahlkampf [Minor Polarization and Strong Personalization: Parties and Voters on the Hustings], in: Rattinger, Hans/Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger/Rossteutscher, Sigrid/Weßels, Bernhard et al.: Zwischen Langeweile und Extremen: Die Bundestagswahl 2009. [Between Boredom and Extremes: The 2009 German General Election]. Baden-Baden: Nomos: 33-57.
  • Holtz-Bacha, Christina [in collaboration with Mona Krewel] (2011): Rundfunkpolitik [Broadcasting Policy], in: Holtz-Bacha, Christina: Medienpolitik für Europa II: Der Europarat. [Media Policy for Europe II: The Council of Europe]. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften: 158-232.
  • Krewel, Mona (2008): Wahlkampfkommunikation im intertemporalen Vergleich. Forschungsdesiderata und –perspektiven bei der Untersuchung von Prozessen des Wandels in Wahlkämpfen [Election Campaign Communication in Time-Series Comparison. Desiderata and Perspectives of Research Concerning the Analysis of Change Processes in Electoral Campaigns], in: Aydin, Esra/Begenat, Matthias/Michalek, Christian/Schemann, Jasmin (eds.): Düsseldorfer Forum Politische Kommunikation 2007 [Duesseldorf Forum Political Communication]. Schriftenreihe DFPK – Band 3 [Series DFPK – Vol. 3]. Berlin: LIT: 169-197.

Other publications

  • Faas, Thorsten and Mona Krewel (2016): Eine komplexe Dreiecksbeziehung. Politik – Medien – Bürger_innen und ihre wechselseitigen Einflüsse. [A complex triangle relationship: Politics – Media – Citizens and their reciprocal influences.] Bonn: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.
  • Krewel, Mona (2007): Keyword “Willy Brandt”, in: Kaid, Lynda Lee/Holtz-Bacha, Christina (eds.): Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Vol. 1. Thousand Oaks: Sage: 6
  • Krewel, Mona (2007): Keyword “Helmut Kohl”, in: Kaid, Lynda Lee/Holtz-Bacha, Christina (eds.): Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Vol. 1. Thousand Oaks: Sage: 384f.
  • Krewel, Mona (2007): Keyword “Gerhard Schröder”, in: Kaid, Lynda Lee/Holtz-Bacha, Christina (eds.): Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Vol. 2. Thousand Oaks: Sage: 733.
  • Krewel, Mona (2007): Keyword “Spiegel Affair“, in: Kaid, Lynda Lee/Holtz-Bacha, Christina (eds.): Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Thousand Oaks: Sage: 756.

Selected conferences (back until 2015)

  • 2018: APSA, MPSA, GSA
  • 2017: APSA, MPSA, GSA
  • 2016: APSA, MPSA, GSA
  • 2015: WAPOR

Work in progress

  • Krewel, Mona, Partheymüller, Julia, and Richard Johnston: How do campaigns shape candidate image? Dynamics of Candidate Traits in the 2005 and 2009 German Bundestag elections. (working paper)
  • Krewel, Mona and Julia Partheymüller: Media Coverage and the Short-Term Dynamics of Candidate Popularity. (working paper)
  • Krewel, Mona and Christian Martin: Voter-Attachment, Room for Manouver, and the Demise of Social Democracy. (working paper)

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Teaching in 2020