Online learning

Get helpful tips to prepare you for learning online at the Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation.

Coffee cup on left, laptop on right with many faces in the middle of a video conference call


Online learning is an exciting academic environment. The University uses a range of online learning tools to aid both students and staff in making online learning engaging and informative. Some of the main digital tools you may encounter are:


Being prepared to participate in online learning is a key to your success. Just like face-to-face teaching, you are expected to talk about your mahi (work) and korero (share your ideas) with your classmates and tutors. And—most importantly—if you don’t know something, just ask!

Look through the resources below and see if you are set up for a successful online learning experience.


Set a routine to use time efficiently. Allocating enough time and studying regularly will keep you on track, and you will be less overwhelmed before a deadline. Build in a buffer of time, so that in cases of illness or technical failure, you have time to recover and get back on track.

Different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be easier than reading a complex text and taking notes. Divide your work into manageable time slots and take proper breaks.

Logging in to computers—Takiuru

To get connected, log in into the computers at Te Aro campus using the following process.


Your username is the same as what you were given on your Offer of Study. The standard format is usually the first six letters of your last name and the first four letters of your first.

For example, if your name is Christopher Warner your username will be warnerchri.

Shorter names will generate shorter usernames. For example, if your name is Sue Chi, your username would be chisue.

Occasionally a username will have a number at the end of it.


You need to change your default password before using myTools.

  1. Enter your username at the first login box. (Your user name is printed near the top right of your Confirmation of Study form. For new undergraduates, it is usually the first 6 characters of your surname, followed by 4 characters of your first name.)
  2. Click Next.
  3. An email will be sent to your preferred personal email address with an eight digit security code.
  4. Enter the code on the password reset website.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose a new password.
  7. After your password has been reset, you should be able to log into myVictoria using your NEW password straight away. If that does not work, you can ring the ITS Service Desk on ext 5050 (04 463 5050) and log a call.