Aa-Z! : a typographic installation [analogue/digital/object]

Aa-Z! : a typographic installation [analogue/digital/object]

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12-16 Oct 2021 from 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm 12 Oct 2021 2:00 pm 16 Oct 2021 6:00 pm

26 Constable Street, Newtown

This is a typography project by third-year Tātai Momotuhi / Typography sudents in Communication Design at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University.

Consisting of twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet and an exclamation mark, the installation is a large-scale composition of letterforms populating the gallery space.

Ranging across three media categories [analogue / digital / object], each work is a result of research and examination into the letterform and its graphic, spatial and contextual qualities, whether historic, contemporary, social, cultural, political or any other point of interest.

Consideration is given to the placement and interactive relationships between works and media. In doing so, Aa–Z!, with the project’s anomalies, offers myriad ways of seeing type as graphic: type as language.

twentysix, 26 Constable Street, Newtown

Gallery hours: 2–6pm Tuesday–Friday, 10–6pm Saturday

12–16 October, 2021


Aa–Z! posters and graphic design team:

Chester Hiley @ch.ster
Ella Wight @ellawightdesign (Aa–Z! identity)
Ronia Ibrahim @ronia.jpg
Sochetha Meng @sochethameng

Lecturer: Catherine Griffiths
Tutors: Lucy Squire, Hamish Besley

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Catherine Griffiths