Science and discovery

Dive into a fascinating career in Science, Biomedical Science, Health, or Midwifery, where new discoveries are being made daily.

Exceptional research-led teaching and learning is provided by Wellington Faculty of Health and Wellington Faculty of Science.

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Actuarial Science

Take your love for mathematics and study for a career as an actuary—one of the best rated jobs in the world.

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Biological Sciences

If you can see yourself working in an exotic location like Antarctica or a tropical reef, consider studying Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity, or Marine Biology.

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Discover the fascinating worlds of Biomedical Science, Cell and Molecular Bioscience, and Biotechnology.

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Learn about the pivotal role Chemistry plays in the world, and the exciting research being conducted at the University that you can be a part of.

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Computer Graphics and Computer Science

From detecting dolphin clicks underwater to designing visual effects in movies, studying Computer Graphics and Computer Science can lead to an exciting career.

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Data Science

From identifying environmental damage to searching for black holes, Richard Arnold talks about some of the exciting opportunities for you in Data Science.

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Earth Sciences

Learn about the fascinating field of Earth Science. Your studies will take you from making observations of the entire planet to examining microscopic fossils.

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Geography, Environment Studies/Science, Development Studies

Learn what it's like to study some of the big issues of our time—the climate crisis, environmental degradation, geopolitical change, and demographic change.

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The world needs people who are passionate about improving the health of communities. Learn how a Bachelor of Health can equip you with the right skills.

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Mathematics and Statistics

Find out how Mathematics is more than a subject. It's a way of thinking and an exciting tool to create things like algorithms to control satellite positions.

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Find out about the training involved to become a midwife, and care for women during their transition from pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

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Learn how studying Physics can lead to working on exciting projects like tomorrow's energy solutions or building the next generation of biomedical devices.

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Find out what Psychology is, what a psychological scientist does, and what it's like to study Psychology.

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Science in Society

Find out about the fascinating relationship between Science, scientists, society, the history of science, and the communication of scientific ideas.

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These are the degrees you can study in science and discovery. Find out more about how our undergraduate degrees are structured and how to plan your degree and courses.

Follow your passion, develop problem-solving skills, and dive into a fascinating career with a Bachelor of Science.

If you want to be at the cutting-edge of science and are looking for new understanding about health issues and cures for diseases, then this is the degree for you.

Follow your passion for improving people's health and wellbeing and make a real difference in the community with a Bachelor of Health from Victoria University of Wellington.

Support women, babies, and their families through pregnancy, birth, and beyond—become a midwife with a Bachelor of Midwifery from Victoria University of Wellington.