People and society

Discover what makes us human and how our lives interconnect.

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Asian Languages and Cultures

Find out what it's like to learn and immerse yourself in Asian languages and cultures, and the doors it will open in your life and career.

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Classical Studies

Hear first-hand from an ancient historian and classicist what it's like to study the history, languages, art, cultures, and people of ancient Mediterranean.

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Excellent communication skills are highly valued by employers. Find out why, and what it's like to study a Bachelor of Communication.

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Creative Writing

Learn how creative writing and critical analysis skills are valuable to society, and can be applied to any work setting.

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Early Childhood Teacher Education

Learn how to take your interest in teaching, and with support become an inspiring teacher. Gain practical teaching experience and accreditation.

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Education and Psychology

Learn how studying Education and Psychology can equip you with the knowledge, skills and expertise to transform society, schooling and education in the world.

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Education and Teaching

Learn practical tips to prepare for a career as primary or secondary school teacher. Now is a good time to think about the subjects to study at university.

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European languages and Latin American studies

Expand your world with the study of languages, literature, culture, translation, and intercultural communication.

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History and Philosophy

Find out what it's like to look at the big questions of humankind, like the difference between right and wrong, and grapple with questions we haven’t yet asked.

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Art History, English Literature, Film, Media Studies, and Theatre

Find out about what it's like to study Art History, English Literature, Film, Media Studies, and Theatre.

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Linguistics and applied language studies

Take your interest in learning languages and study Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), New Zealand Sign Language, or Linguistics.

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Māori Studies

Enrich your life with the study of Te Reo Māori, Māori Studies, or Māori Resource Management.

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Gain critical listening, writing, reading, and research skills whilst learning about music, or hone your music skills to a professional level.

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Pacific Studies, Samoan Studies, and Pasifika Pathways

Find out how Pacific Studies can enrich your life, and fluency in a Pacific language can give you an edge in the job market.

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Political Science and International Relations 

David Capie describes the exciting opportunities you have to study the big pressing issues of our time, meet politicians, and intern in government.

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Find out what Psychology is, what a psychological scientist does, and what it's like to study Psychology.

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Social and cultural studies

Open your world up to new perspectives and debate contemporary issues through the study of Criminology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Sociology.

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Writing—academic, business, and professional 

Learn how to uplevel your skills and transition from secondary school to university smoothly by taking a course to learn academic writing and research.

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These are the degrees you can study people and society with. Find out more about how our undergraduate degrees are structured, and how to plan your degree and courses.

Explore your passions through a rich variety of subjects and develop the creativity and flexibility needed in the changing job-market. Choose the Victoria University of Wellington Bachelor of Arts.

Choose a Bachelor of Communication at Victoria University of Wellington and study in New Zealand’s communication hub.

If you love music—whether it be listening to it, playing an instrument, singing or composing—and want to study the subject in depth at the leading music school in New Zealand, then a Bachelor of Music is right for you.

If you want to develop a love of learning and discovery in young children and be part of laying the foundations for their success, then this is the right degree for you.