Law and business

Open the door to exceptional career opportunities, backed by the University's global reputation in law and business.

Wellington School of Business and Government and Faculty of Law are located in central Wellington, New Zealand’s vibrant entrepreneurial, legal and political heart.

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Accounting, Taxation, and Commercial Law

Find out why you don't need to be good with numbers to be a good accountant, how tax can save the planet, and why it's good for you to know business law.

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Economics and Finance

Develop your critical thinking and analytical skills, and help solve big societal issues by studying Economics and Finance.

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Information Systems

Take your interest in digital technologies, and learn how studying Information Systems can lead you to making an impact on society.

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Find out how far-reaching and fascinating studying Law is, the specialist languages used to reflect Law, and how loopholes open it up for interpretation.

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Management, and Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Find out what modern medicine, your favourite social media app, and the solution to climate change all have in common.

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Marketing and International Business

Learn how you can become a value creating visionary studying International Business and Marketing, for the benefit of people, the planet, and profit.

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Tourism Management

Learn how to prepare for a career behind the scenes in the biggest industry in the world - everything from tourist behaviour to sustainable business management.

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Public Policy and Government

Find out how study of Government and Public Policy is made fascinating through the lense of contemporary world issues.

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Actuarial Science

Take your love for mathematics and study for a career as an actuary—one of the best rated jobs in the world.

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These are the degrees you can study in Law and Business. Find out more about how our undergraduate degrees are structured, and how to plan your degree and courses.

If you're interested in how society is governed by law and how laws are made, and you love communicating ideas and solving problems, then the Bachelor of Laws is the right degree for you.

If you're interested in a career in the world of commerce and want expertise in business and the business of government then the Bachelor of Commerce is the degree for you.