Living in the digital age

The internet is an increasingly important part of our daily lives—but do we understand how to protect our personal information and stay safe online?

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We live in a connected world where new technologies can bring benefits to us all, as individuals, communities and businesses. Yet some connections may be harmful. Cybercrime is a growing threat overseas and here in New Zealand. Being safe online is vital. No one should be excluded from the benefits of online services.

But are we doing enough? Education helps increase confidence and safety. It’s important to educate all Kiwis because new technology brings new issues, such as managing personal information, privacy and security. Research at Victoria University of Wellington shows we can’t make assumptions about people's online abilities.

Technological changes can be challenging and changes are happening faster than ever. Today’s young people may be confident when navigating today’s online world. In years to come, they will be older citizens who will need to master technology that may be challenging to them. Each new generation will encounter the same issues, in a different online guise.

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