New Zealand’s top university for research intensity

Victoria University of Wellington has a unique and proud history as the country’s globally ranked capital city university. We are consistently ranked within the top 1.5 percent of universities internationally, and are New Zealand’s number one university for intensity of high-quality research (2018 Performance-Based Research Fund).

The University’s connections and influence at local, national and international levels are strengthened by our capital city status. As a global civic university, our researchers lead thinking on the big questions facing society. Their work addresses global challenges for the benefit of communities in New Zealand and internationally.

Our research

Our staff are passionate about finding solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems—find out more about the University's research.

Rating of excellence

Victoria University of Wellington is one of only 12 universities in the world to hold the maximum 5 Stars Plus in the QS Stars rating of excellence.

Our university at a glance

Unlocking the power of teleportation

Teleportation has been a dream of science fiction and scientists alike. Dr Taehyun Rhee and his team are blending the real and the virtual to make it a reality.

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The cost of climate change

What is the cost of not responding to the climate crisis? Professor Ilan Noy is calculating the costs of climate change and how to manage the economic impacts.

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Who's keeping an eye on the kids?

Can any of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy in an age of mobile phones, drones and the internet?

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Whose responsibility is it to keep our first language alive?

Only around 3 percent of New Zealanders speak te reo Māori. Our research is focused on making te reo part of everyday conversation.

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Are we addicted to demonising drug users?

Why is cannabis use illegal but alcohol consumption encouraged in New Zealand? Our researchers are exploring our treatment of drugs and drug users.

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Imagine a world where your own body cures cancer

Millions of people suffer from diseases for which there are no effective drugs. New treatments are being developed at the University for these unmet medical needs.

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If you saw this, what would you do?

Bullying is a life-long problem that can have a lasting negative impact—how can it be most effectively tackled?

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