Your new normal

Our University community share their lockdown experiences.

The lockdown response to the COVID-19 pandemic was a unique time for us all and we may never have an experience like this again in our lifetime.

We learnt new words like self-isolation, social distancing, physical distancing, lockdown, PPE and of course bubble. We tried new things like growing sour dough bugs, writing songs about the virus – some even went viral, cooking meals, eating meals together as a family and socialising on-line.  Working at home was a new experience for some too with all the highs and lows of adjusting to a different way of working.  It’s fair to say the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives.

We invited our students and staff to share their lockdown experiences and tell us about the sustainable changes they will make, big or small, to their lifestyle as we move through the various alert levels.  We hope that by sharing experiences you are inspired to reflect on your own sustainable habits.

Share your new normal with us

Tell us about the sustainable lifestyle changes you made during lockdown that you'll take into the future?

Special thanks to everyone that completed the survey and allowed us to publish their response.

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