Meet Selbi Soylemezoglu

Selbi has combined her desire to do good with a global perspective, to make the most of her business studies.

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A Victoria University of Wellington degree is a world-class degree. Come be part of our community—make friends and study what you love in the culture capital.

Studying abroad

"My Wellington Global Exchange programme was the best thing I ever did. It opened my eyes to the world and helped me learn a lot about myself as a person."

Global opportunities


What I’ve learned at university is that sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, knowing that it’ll pay off and that you’ll grow with the challenge.

Part of a community

"The vibe on campus at the University has a real community feel to it. We have all these shared spaces that allow us to connect on an academic level, but also on a social level."

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A platform to make a difference

"I’ve always had a passion for corporate social responsibility. Doing a business degree has given me a platform to stand on."

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One-on-one teaching

"I appreciate the intimate learning environment that the University offers and the one-on-one time we get with our lecturers and our tutors."

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