Understanding law in the real world

Studying law and religious studies has given Karin McCracken a deeper understanding of how other people see the world.

Lessons from Boston Legal

Karin McCracken had no perception of what a lawyer did when she enrolled at the Law School.

“I didn’t even know the difference between commercial law and criminal law. In fact, all I really knew about law was from the TV show Boston Legal—I was ready for cigars and whisky each night after work!”

Centre of everything

It turned out to be a good choice for Karin, who started her fifth year of study in 2013.

“At the University, you’re at the centre of everything you’re studying. From the front steps you can see the Supreme Court to your left, the High Court to your right, the Court of Appeal and the Beehive straight in front of you. You’re studying in a huge wooden building that used to house the Government; Sir Geoffrey Palmer is often seen roaming the halls.”

Turning to tutoring

Studying law also strengthened Karin’s communication skills to the point where she felt confident enough to take up religious studies in her second year and law tutoring in her third year.

“I value the interaction I have with students on a daily basis as a tutor. I enjoy taking material that might be confusing or difficult for students and making it easier to understand.”

Law and religion

Karin sees parallels between law and religious studies: “Both have given me a really good understanding and a greater perception of how the world fits together and how other people see the world, which is important when you’re trying to relate to people.”

Changing world view

Karin says she is a different person today because of her study.

“University has taught me to keep my head and be analytical and reasoned in the way I approach life. When I started studying, I knew next to nothing but I can honestly say my whole view of the world has radically shifted since starting at the University.”

Know Your Mind

“Know Your Mind means knowing what you don’t know – but what you can still learn.

“Every day at university, I realise how much more there is to learn. It’s never ending. This could be, and often is, frustrating. But there are merits to this. The pursuit to be more informed is rewarding in itself.”

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