Meet Alex Barrow

Alex has always known what she wanted to do and by studying arts, she found a clear path to achieving her goal.

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A Victoria University of Wellington degree is a world-class degree. Come be part of our community—make friends and study what you love in the culture capital.


My time at university has taught me that things are not necessarily black and white. There are lots of grey areas and it’s good to explore those perspectives.

Finding my passion

"I came to an Open Day and went to an anthropology lecture and it all clicked. It was about different people and places, it was exactly what I wanted to study. That’s when I knew the University was for me."

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Friends for life

"Living in a university hall allowed me to make a lot of friends. Coming to the city not knowing anyone is a big deal, and these sorts of friends will be there for life."

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Small town feel

"Wellington is a really great city to get lost in. There are lots of side streets and fun little cul-de-sacs, but it’s small enough that everyone knows each other."

Living in Wellington

Committed to learning

"The lecturers at the University are 100 percent committed to helping you get where you want to go and they’re very approachable, very accessible and keen to help you learn."

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A new way of thinking

"I study a Bachelor of Arts because it is what I’m interested in. It’s exactly what I want to be doing. It’s flexible, it’s not just one fixed yes or no answer. It’s your own critical thinking."

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