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Find out more about our faculties, schools, courses and degrees available at Victoria University of Wellington and make the choice that’s right for you.

Academic prospectuses

Academic prospectuses are published by the Wellington Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, and Wellington School of Business and Government. They contain information about their degree and course offerings, timetables, staff and their research interests and other information of interest to students.

However, not all schools and faculties publish printed prospectuses. If you cannot find the one you are after, visit the school or faculty site for more information.

Guide to Undergraduate Study

Guide to Undergraduate Study contains information on admission, enrolment, degrees and subjects along with course advice to help prospective undergraduate students plan their first year.

Guide to Postgraduate Study

Guide to Postgraduate Study provides an overview of what Victoria University of Wellington offers, key dates and other relevant information for prospective postgraduate students.

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