Graduate certificates and diplomas

Get qualified in a new specialisation or get up-to-date with developments in your field with a graduate certificate or diploma.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are one-trimester programmes (if full time) open to graduates in any field and are usually nested within a Graduate Diploma programme (see below). Graduate certificates are a convenient qualification for students who wish to undertake a limited amount of study in an area of interest at an advanced undergraduate level.

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Graduate Diplomas

Graduate diplomas, which take one year of study (if full time), enable students with a Bachelor’s degree (or in some cases appropriate work experience) in one discipline to transition to postgraduate study in a new area. Alternatively, they can provide a refresher course or a short programme of study in an area of interest.

The diploma is an ideal opportunity to specialise at an advanced level in areas not included in your first degree or, if you have been away from study for a while, to learn about new developments in your original discipline.

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