Getting involved

Being a student at Victoria University of Wellington is about more than just study. It’s about getting involved, making friends and embracing new experiences.

Hear how our students are getting involved and being inspired to succeed at Victoria University of Wellington.

Clubs and activities

Whatever you’re in to, Victoria University of Wellington has a range of clubs for you. And they’re a great way to meet people. Join one of more than 180 sporting, cultural, religious, performing arts and political clubs and societies.

For first-year students who aren’t living in a hall, sign up for student-run WGTN Hall and get involved in social, cultural and sporting activities.

Staying fit and healthy

Sign up for a fitness membership to get access to weights, cardio equipment and our popular group exercise classes.

There are also several sports’ options available, from social leagues to national territory sport competitions.

Learn to lead

Victoria University of Wellington offers leadership opportunities that help others as well as helping you to develop new skills and learn more about yourself.

The Wellington Plus Programme involves volunteering, helping the University community and actively leading clubs or societies.

If you're interested in other countries and cultures, the Wellington International Leadership Programme provides opportunities to enhance your global awareness while developing valuable leadership skills.

Study overseas

Go travelling and complete part of your degree overseas through Wellington Global Exchange, our student exchange programme. There are more than 100 leading international universities to choose from, and a grant is provided to help finance your trip.