Experience lectures

We have special sample lectures from our faculties throughout the day. Learn what makes our staff passionate about what they teach.

Experience Bachelor of Arts: Black Lives Matter, a regional perspective

Dr. Emalani Case, Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

9.15–10 am, KKLT303, Kirk building, Kelburn campus

In this lecture, we will discuss the global uprising and call for justice and liberation for Black lives. We will pay particular attention to what the Black Lives Matter movement means for us here in Aotearoa and in the wider Pacific region and will examine our responsibilities to creating a more just world.

Experience Engineering: AI: Boon or bane? and Engineering engagement

Will Browne and Simon McCallum, Wellington Faculty of Engineering

9.15–10 am, COLT122, Cotton building, Kelburn campus

AI: Boon or Bane?

AI is taking over our lives subtly - from automated milking sheds to dark warehouses, everyday activities are requiring less and less human intervention. While this has many advantages, what are the ethics around using AI for tasks like recognising people or deciding who gets a job interview? Listen to what Will Browne has to say about this.

Engineering Engagement

What makes a good game and why are they so engaging.  In this mini-talk Simon McCallum will discuss the essence of a game computer game and delve into the psychology and technology of engagement.

Experience Education: Learning about New Zealand's difficult histories at sites of colonial violence

Liana MacDonald, School of Education

10.15–11 am, HULT220, Hunter building, Kelburn campus

The call to remove colonial statues of historical figures who led violence and oppression of Māori communities is a call to remember our national history in ways that honour the perspectives of tangata whenua. This presentation considers how school field trips at sites of colonial invasion are a powerful way to shift how we think about contemporary race relations for a more racially just future.

Experience Business: Tourism and Covid-19—complete disaster or much needed opportunity?

Dr Ina Reichenberger, Wellington School of Business and Government

11.15 am–12 noon, HMLT104, Hugh Mackenzie building, Kelburn campus

Covid-19 has impacted the tourism industry significantly. Border closures, entry restrictions and quarantine requirements have brought international travel in 2020 to a near-standstill. As the impacts on jobs, livelihoods and the overall economy are severe, does this mean that tourism as we know it has come to an end? And if so, does this provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to reconsider how we want tourism within our destinations to develop and contribute? How can New Zealand tourism benefit from this disruption, and what are the issues to tackle?

Experience Health: How has the 2020 pandemic changed our behaviour?

Dr Lisa Te Morenga and Dr Anne Haase, Wellington Faculty of Health

11.15 am–12 noon, LBLT118, Laby building, Kelburn campus

This lecture will discuss various health-promoting behaviours such as physical activity, nutrition, and sleep, and how we can change our behaviours for the better, especially in key areas impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experience Law: Moral luck and criminal responsibility

Dr Zoë Prebble, Wellington Faculty of Law

12.15–1 pm, HMLT205, Hugh Mackenzie building, Kelburn campus

We usually think that criminal law is for punishing people who intentionally have done something that's wrongful. But what about the times the law labels someone as a criminal for something that is to some degree beyond their control? And what does it mean for our system if that comes down to luck?

Experience Bachelor of Arts: Time’s up for the ‘rough sex gone wrong’ defence?

Dr. Samantha Keene, Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

12.15–1 pm, MCLT103 Maclaurin building, Kelburn campus

The ‘rough sex gone wrong’ defence used in the Grace Millane murder trial sparked widespread outrage in New Zealand and across the globe. Concerned about its increasing use in courtrooms, the United Kingdom now plans to ban the use of the defence. Should New Zealand follow suit? This lecture critically examines the myriad problems associated with the rough sex defence and situates these concerns within a wider understanding of violence against women and rape culture.

Experience Science: Only Connect?

Jasmine Hall, Wellington Faculty of Science

1.15–2pm, TTRLT1, Te Toki a Rata building, Kelburn campus

The world seems to be making even less sense than usual, and the problem is only getting worse! Everything seems to be going viral in the worst possible ways, but Jasmine Hall is here to help us find clarity through the elegance of mathematics. Discover how the power of patterns can help us to unlock potentials and even reveal the secrets of beauty itself.

Experience Architecture: Future Architecture fighting climate change

Dr Antony Pelosi, Wellington School of Architecture

1.15–2 pm, Lecture Theatres 1 and 2, Te Aro campus

How can architecture reduce our impact on the planet? This presentation will highlight two student projects that are tackling climate change head-on with innovative approaches set to reduce architectures carbon footprint.

Experience Communication: Communicating Covid-19

1.15–2 pm, MCLT101, Maclaurin building, Kelburn campus

How do you unify the nation to face down a global pandemic? In this lecture, academics from the Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Wellington Faculty of Science will use their different disciplinary perspectives to examine how New Zealand dealt with communications around the Covid-19 pandemic.

Experience Design Innovation: Video Games and Costume Art—digitalizing analogue methods of costume design

Heli Salomaa, School of Design Innovation

2.15–3 pm, Te Aro Lecture Theatres 1 & 2, Te Aro campus

How to dress up a digital body? This presentation introduces the costume production workflow in game development and demonstrates digital costume methods utilized at a game studio Remedy Entertainment during the production of an action-adventure game Control. The case presents ways to integrate a professional costume designer into the character art pipeline in games that aim for a realistic art style.