If you drink alcohol, know your limits and take steps to keep yourself and your friends safe. If drinking is causing you problems, ask for help.

University is a notorious place for binge drinking and experimenting with alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant—which means it tends to lower our mood. Alcohol also affects our judgement, meaning that we may act differently when drinking.  Drinking in moderation is one way to avoid alcohol-related problems. Check out the websites on this page for information about safe drinking.

Know your limit with alcohol. The effects of binge drinking—black-outs, vomiting, needing to be carried home or taken to A&E—can cause serious physical and emotional harm. Don’t make getting wasted your goal!

Safe drinking tips:

  • Have a square meal before drinking to reduce the effect of alcohol on your system.
  • Work out how you will get home safely before you go out. Set aside taxi money if necessary.
  • Stick with your friends and watch each other's drinks if you’re drinking in a crowd.
  • Slow down your drinking. Count your drinks, go and talk to people, dance.
  • Drink a non-alcoholic drink between each alcoholic one.
  • Switch to non-alcoholic drinks before you start to feel drunk.
  • Don't let other people pressure you to drink. Say "no thanks" or just leave your drink.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • If you’re taking medication, ask your GP or pharmacist whether it’s okay for you to drink.

If you are concerned about your drinking (or someone else’s) there is information and help available. Contact Student Health or Student Counselling, or another support provider.