Academic concerns

When study feels too hard, or you can’t find the motivation to push on, don’t struggle alone—the University has support to help you overcome barriers to study.

University study is demanding, whether you’re in your first year of study or heading into your fifth. Students have to learn to manage their time and resources, as well as the demands of the university, including choosing subjects, attending classes, applying study skills, completing assessments and handling exams, and dealing with university staff.

In all academic work, there are times when students become discouraged. Learning involves taking on new ideas and shedding old ones, and this can create uncertainty. Finding the motivation to work through this discouragement takes time and energy, and can lead to difficulties such as missing deadlines, failing assessments or exams, or wanting to withdraw.

Counselling and other student services can help you to identify what is stalling your academic progress and to find practical solutions that help you get back on track.