Information provided to Victoria University of Wellington will be treated as confidential and retained by the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team.

It will not be shared or disclosed without your knowledge and consent except in limited circumstances. For example, we may need to obtain advice from within the University (including specialist legal advice) on what actions are required to be taken in response to the information we have received.

Formally reported incidents of serious sexual assault or sexual harassment are reported to a member of the University's Senior Leadership Team in a de-identified manner.

If there are concerns about risk of harm, or other significant concerns about health and safety, we may be required to communicate or seek advice with external specialists of external stakeholders or take other actions to protect you or other members of the University community. Wherever possible this will be done in a collaborative manner and in consultation with you.

To protect the safety and rights of everyone involved, and to ensure the integrity of any investigation (should one occur), we expect that you will also respect the confidentiality and privacy rights of others involved (including those of the person whose behaviour you are complaining about).

If information is provided to the person who is the subject of a complaint (whether that is under a student conduct process or a staff conduct process), they will be required to keep the information confidential too, except to the extent that they wish to obtain professional support or advice on the complaint and how they wish to respond to it.