Academic integrity

Academic integrity means that all staff and students—in teaching and learning—are expected to treat others honestly, fairly, and with respect at all times.

Academic integrity is the core value on which the University’s learning, teaching, and research activities are based. If you plagiarise, cheat on assessments, or misuse other people's academic work, you damage the University's academic integrity. This devalues the research we do and the qualifications we award.

Everyone at Victoria University of Wellington is responsible for upholding academic integrity. Students, teaching staff, researchers, and administrators—we all need to maintain high ethical standards in our work and studies. Doing so upholds the University's reputation for excellence and boosts the value of your qualification.

Lecturers may check for academic integrity by asking you to upload work to be assessed using Turnitin, an online tool for preventing plagiarism. Turnitin compares the work you submit with a large database of existing material. It then returns a similarity report, identifying the percentage of online information you have used. If you fail to accurately acknowledge those sources, that counts as plagiarism.