Your relationship with money

Money stress can affect your ability to learn. Learn what you can do to have a more balanced relationship with money.

Managing money is a skill you can learn and get better at—like any skill, it takes practice and time. Download our guide and assess your relationship with money.

Understanding what’s happening in your bank account is part of living a balanced life.

To reflect on what your current relationship with money is like, think about the four statements below. Which one best describes you?

1. Money makes you feel stressed, angry, or anxious.

Try and shift your thinking and focus on what you have (skills, opportunities). Accept where you are now and think about what you can do to change.

2. It's too hard, you don’t want to think about money

You may over-spend or buy things without thinking and give up on saving before you start. Set aside enough money for things that really make you happy. See if you can learn to like and enjoy saving money.

3. You want more money, it’s all you think about most of the time

A competitive, ambitious trait is great, but make sure you don’t sacrifice your health or happiness in the pursuit of it.

4. You have balance

You know it’s important enough to learn more about money and stay on top of it, but you also know it’s not so important that you sacrifice your health or wellbeing for it.

Get help

Make sure you control your money, so it doesn't control you.

Access Blackbullion's online financial modules and resources to learn more about managing your money.

Read the Managing Your Money Guide (PDF) for tips and resources.

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You should rule your money. Money shouldn’t rule your life.

Jaime Tardy, Entrepreneur.