Week 11

Check out the events for the week from Monday 17 to Friday 21 May.

Weekly workshop—mindwell meditation

  • Monday–Friday, 9.20 am throughout Trimester 1—beginning Monday 1 March
  • The Bubble, SU 216 (Student Union building)
  • No booking required—just turn up.

Anxiety breathing for calm and focus (on Zoom)

A quick 30 minute session. Learn about anxiety breathing for calm and focus and identify how breathing makes you feel. Practice and experience the box breathing technique and do a meditation to experience calm.


A 45 minute workshop. Learn about what it means to be assertive. Brainstorm different types of assertive responses to situations and identify one area where you want to be more assertive in your life.

Feedback (on Zoom)

A 45-minute workshop. Learn strategies to take the personal sting out of feedback about your study, while gaining clarity about what to improve. Flip the strategies to learn how to give constructive feedback to others. Learn how to use positive reinforcement and assertiveness to create a culture of constructive feedback.

Self-esteem (on Zoom)

A quick 30-minute session. Learn to recognise when you feel hurt, guilty, or have made a bad choice. Learn skills to treat yourself well through self-talk, increase your motivation, and identify what you are good at and proud of.


A 45-minute workshop. Learn why self-care is important for your academic success and wellbeing. Identify self-care strategies, what already works, and brainstorm your own self-care plan.

Sleep (on Zoom)

A quick 30-minute session. Brainstorm strategies for establishing routines that support your sleep. Identify which ones work and learn new strategies and how to put them into action.

Burnout (on Zoom)

A 45-minute workshop. Understand what burnout is and how it happens. Learn strategies to clarify your role, understand fixed and flexible boundaries around study expectations, and identify what causes you stress. Develop your own self-care plan to reduce 'fight/flight/freeze' reactions and give yourself time to think and respond.