Find out about tutorials, labs and studios and how to sign up for them each trimester.

Tutorials, labs and studios

These are smaller group-teaching sessions led by a tutor or lecturer to provide opportunity for discussion, experiments, project work and individual assistance. Information about tutorials, labs and studios are in your Course Outline.

How to sign up?

You sign up to tutorials in the first week of the trimester. For most tutorials you sign up using myAllocator, the University’s online tutorial and workshop registration system, which you can access from the Tools section on the Current Students homepage. Always check your Course Outline and listen in lectures as some courses require different sign up processes.

If you don’t find your courses on myAllocator please check Blackboard or ask your school administrator. Make a note of your tutorials on your timetable.

When do tutorials start?

Tutorials usually start two to three weeks into each trimester.