Hall programmes

The University's halls—including WGTN Hall—run study week programmes, with tips and tricks from other students, and sports and wellbeing events.

Halls will also be running events outside in the community to promote wellbeing and creating a routine to help you study. There will be an inter-hall volleyball tournament to encourage you to get some fresh air and exercise—and give your brain a break from study.

We will keep updating this page as programmes are confirmed but keep an eye on your hall's social media or check in with the staff to find out what's happening during Stress Free Study Week.

Individual hall programmes

Boulcott Hall

At Boulcott Hall, we will be running faculty study nights, Boulcott’s ‘Big night in’ with residential committee run floor events, and cue card making and cupcakes.

Everton Hall

Everton Hall residents can get involved in cue card making, yoga, a hike, suppers and desserts, and good coffee in the study room.

Katharine Jermyn Hall

Katherine Jermyn residents can look forward to study sessions with the RAs each night, ‘no bake baking’, cue card making, referencing workshops, and plenty of Instagram content with study tips.

Joan Stevens Hall

Joan Stevens’ programme includes ‘quizlet’ and cue card making, study nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and faculty study groups. RAs will also do an Instagram takeover to provide helpful tips on study, healthy eating, and how best to manage your time.

Victoria House

Get involved with study nights and tips and tricks over Instagram, as well as taking some time out with DIY face masks, a hot chocolate bar and hall-wide 'secret santa' to celebrate Mid Winter Xmas.

Weir House

Weir House will share Instagram content with study tips, as well as toast nights and study sessions in the evenings.

Te Puni Village

Te Puni will host a series of study evenings with the RAs, as well as providing massage therapists and Sundae Sundays.

Helen Lowry Hall

At Helen Lowry, we will have study nights with RAs, sport nights, and study suppers, and we will be sharing wellbeing tips.


WGTN Hall will be sharing Student Learning resources on Wednesday during drop-in sessions (2–3 pm) and on our social media channels. We'll also be sharing tips and tricks for doing well in assessments throughout the week.

Willis Street Halls

We will be running ‘tea and toast’ nights with muffins and cakes, and our RAs will be running study sessions at both Education House and Cumberland Hall.

Getting support

We encourage you to seek support if you are struggling with any aspect of life in your hall and at university. You can take steps to manage your own health and wellbeing, particularly getting enough sleep and rest, eating well, and sorting a study routine that works for you.

Staff in halls—especially the dedicated Student Support Coordinators—can connect you with services and help you put a plan in place that supports your wellbeing and gives you the best chance of success. You can also get help from the University's Student Learning team and Mauri Ora (Student Health and Counselling).