ProctorU tests privacy information

Find out about ProctorU's privacy information: why test are invigilated, what information is collected, and how the data is processed.

The privacy of our students is very important to us and all personal information collected and stored is done so in accordance with our privacy notice and with the robust requirements of the New Zealand privacy legislation.

Why tests need to be invigilated

Although many tests have been replaced with alternate assessments, some course still require a formally invigilated test to meet accreditation requirements or to ensure the academic integrity of the processes used for competitive entry within programmes. We are using the ProctorU software to do the equivalent of human supervision of test taking. The software will watch what you do on your computer and through the webcam so we can be confident that all tests are taken under the same strict conditions. This is intended to give all students confidence that everyone is being assessed fairly.

Personal information

For a proctored test, you are requested to create a profile with ProctorU. The information you provide when you create your profile is used to verify your identity when taking a test. This is the same process as your student ID check and record of attendance for on-campus tests. Your image, that of the room you are sitting, and your voice will be recorded during the test so that we can be assured that no breach of test conditions is occurring.

Some contact information is also collected. Your email address is only used to send reminders for your upcoming tests, not for marketing purposes. Your phone number is used in case you are disconnected from the test, and your proctor needs to contact you to help you reconnect.

ProctorU access to data

ProctorU cannot access your personal information on your computer.

Remote access will be requested and can only occur with your permission. If you have a human proctored test, the proctor will ask your permission to take control of your mouse to put in the password to start your test or to help you solve any technical issues. The proctor will check the applications and hardware running on your computer but cannot see the content of files or folders. All proctor activity during the test session is logged and recorded. Only a limited number of  University o staff have access to these recordings, and these will only be viewed if potential misconduct issues are flagged.

Personal information collection

The image taken of your student or government issued ID will be deleted after seven (7) days. This image is only used to verify your identity on the day of your test.

ProctorU cannot access your files through either the “logmeinrescue” app or the ProctorU Chrome or Firefox plugin. You can delete the ProctorU Chrome or Firefox plugin as well as the “logmeinrescue” app from your computer as soon as you have completed your test.

The university’s contract with ProctorU includes a requirement that ProctorU maintain a formal security program in accordance with industry standards and which must be able to protect the security and integrity of the services being provided and the information being collected.

Personal information management

The university will request deletion of personal information as soon as results and all record management activities are completed for the teaching session. The University owns this data not ProctorU. If you have concerns, you can email and request that your information is deleted. If this is prior to your result being finalised, you will be provided with advice as to how this may affect your final result.

The proctors are trained professionals who supervise and support many students on a weekly basis. Proctors are bound by a code of conduct that requires them to act ethically and professionally in all dealings with you and your information. The video recorded during your test is only reviewed if misconduct issues have been raised, either by the Proctor, or if you report any technical or disconnection issues that may be reviewed in order to prevent similar issues arising with future tests.

Risk assessment due diligence

The University conducted a thorough risk assessment as part of the evaluation of ProctorU’s practices, including those related to student privacy and the protection of student data. Test taker data is only used in case of academic misconduct and access is limited to authorised University staff to ensure the integrity of the test. The only information that is collected is that which directly relates to the operation of the test.

Further information

Read about ProctorU’s privacy policy on their website.

The ProctorU privacy policy covers the use of all the company’s products and services. The account registration process is limited to providing photographic proof of identity (preferably your student ID card, or a government-issued ID such as driver’s license or passport), your name, and contact details.

The ProctorU privacy policy clearly states:

  • ProctorU does not use any student’s personal information for any reason other than the proctoring of online tests.
  • ProctorU does not sell any personal information to third parties.
  • ProctorU does not market to students, nor do they share any personal information for the purpose of marketing to students.
  • ProctorU are also TRUSTe certified—(TRUSTe's Privacy Shield Verification program)

If you’re still not sure or need more information, please email