UNI 101

Get involved with the UNI 101 programme when you start uni—connect with other new students, find your way around and get tips for study and student life.

Get connected

The UNI 101 programme is designed to help you get connected with your university, by helping you to find your way around, connect with other students from your faculty and help you with the transition into university life and study.

We know that many of you will be overwhelmed with the number of different ways to connect and engage with the University when you first arrive—moving into a hall, joining a club, and engaging with the various class and faculty groups on offer.

Our UNI 101 student ambassadors want to make your transition as smooth as possible, which is why we offer two different options of engagement depending on what you need and want.

Get in touch

To speak to someone and find out more about UNI 101, call 0800 04 04 04, or email course-advice@vuw.ac.nz.