Take a tour

Explore the University's campuses—during orientation take a tour of our campuses or the central library so you can get your bearings before you start classes.

Personalised campus tours

Meet our student ambassadors at Kelburn campus between Tuesday 7 and Friday 10 July for an interactive tour to:

  • Find out where all of your lectures and tutorials are held (bring your timetable).
  • Learn where all the key services and facilities are that you might need during your studies.
  • Get the answers to any general questions you have about starting university.
  • Learn some hints and tips about getting to, from and around the campuses.

Bring your timetable and find out where all your classes are and other key spots around the University.

Library tours

Library tours are available at all campuses—for more information visit the Library website.

Recreation centre tours

Come along to the recreation centre for a tour of our facilities and an overview of sports, clubs, and fitness opportunities at the University.