StudyLink support

Studylink offers services for students with financial difficulties, including the Accommodation Supplement and Jobseeker Support Student Hardship.

Student Loans and Allowances

Find out if you're eligible and how to apply for a Student Loan and/or Allowance from StudyLink.

Accommodation Supplement

An Accommodation Supplement may be available for students who aren't eligible for a Student Allowance to help pay rent or board.

Who can get it

To be eligible, you must:

  • have accommodation costs (Housing New Zealand houses are not included)
  • be a permanent resident or citizen
  • have a low income
  • have low assets (below $2,700 for a single person or $5,400 for couple and sole parents)
  • not receive a Student Allowance.

Some eligible student scenarios

  • Kelly is doing her Masters. She cannot get an Allowance for postgraduate study, so she gets Student Loan Living Costs plus an Accommodation Supplement.
  • Ali has been studying for more than 7 EFTS and no longer has access to the Student Loan. She now works part time and gets an Accommodation Supplement.
  • Kevin works over summer, but only earns $350 a week. He tops it up with an Accommodation Supplement.
  • Mark got the Allowance last year, but he can't get it this year because he didn't pass enough papers. Instead, he gets Student Loan Living Costs plus an Accommodation Supplement.
  • Jen studies part time and works part time. She tops up her wages with an Accommodation Supplement.

How to apply

Apply online through Studylink.

Jobseeker Support Student Hardship

If you are not studying over the summer and have not been able to find work, or if your job is only part time and you are on a low wage, then the Jobseeker Support Student Hardship can help.

Who can get it

To be eligible you must be returning to study and registered with Student Job Search. If you receive the Student Allowance you will qualify for this benefit. If you don’t receive the Student Allowance, you will have to show evidence of hardship. Staying in Wellington, having to pay rent, and not receiving regular support from family qualifies as hardship.

When to apply

Apply four weeks before your break starts to ensure you get the correct payments on time. If you get a job, you can always cancel the benefit.

Usually you will receive your first payment in the third week of your break. This is because there is a one week stand-down period and Studylink make payments one week in areas. When your break finishes, you'll get your last payment a week later (in the first week of your course).

How to apply

Apply online through StudyLink.

You will need to have submitted a Student Allowance and/or Student Loan application for the next period of study. You also have to be registered with Student Job Search.

If you would like help with the application process, contact us for an appointment.