Doctorates' graduation

Doctorate graduands have extra steps for graduating at a ceremony. Find out about submitting your abstract and the celebration for doctorates.

Submitting your abstract

An abstract of your research is included in the University’s official graduation programme and is an important means of communicating your research to the rest of the University and to the wider public.

A one-sentence summary of your research is also read out at the graduation ceremony by the Vice-Chancellor as you stand on stage at graduation.

Abstracts should be submitted to the Graduation Office via the Doctorates' response form.

Writing your abstract and summary

  • The abstract must be no more than 100 words and the one-sentence summary must be no more than 35 words.
  • Write in the present tense.
  • Ensure your research can be easily understood by the general public—use simple terms and concepts, and avoid complex language. It is important that your abstract can be understood by someone who has little previous knowledge of your research subject.
  • Show how your research has added to existing knowledge or provide examples of how your findings may be used.
  • Use your preferred full name on the first mention, then only your first name throughout the rest of the abstract.

You can look at previous examples for guidance. You may choose to discuss your abstract with your supervisor(s) before submitting it.

Celebration for doctorate graduates

The Vice-Provost (Research) will host a celebration for all doctorate graduates prior to the ceremonies. A formal invitation with full details is sent to doctorate graduates ahead of graduation.

On the day

The graduation ceremony is an opportunity to formally welcome doctorate graduates into the University’s community of academics. At the ceremony, you will receive your degree certificate and then join the staff on stage.

  • Assemble in the Renouf Foyer at the Michael Fowler Centre 45 minutes before the ceremony begins.
  • Once in the auditorium, a marshal will direct you to the stage.
  • When your name is called, walk onto the stage and stand alongside the Chancellor.
  • Your thesis one-sentence summary will be read by the Vice-Chancellor to the audience.
  • Move to the Vice-Chancellor and then proceed to the back row of seating on stage, making sure you don’t leave any empty seats in the row.
  • At the end of the ceremony, you will process off the stage with the staff. You will be stopped here for an official photograph.

Speak to someone

Graduation Office

Phone: +64 4 463 5389