Receiving your certificate when you graduate

Tell us how you would like to receive your certificate when you apply to graduate. You’ll receive a digital copy after your qualification has been conferred.

A qualification certificate shows that you have been awarded your qualification by the University Council. It is a legal document authenticated by the Common Seal of the University, signed by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor.

Getting a digital copy of your certificate

After you apply to graduate and the University Council has conferred your qualification, we will issue you with a digital copy of your qualification certificate through myeQuals. You should receive this within five working days of your conferment.

An email will be sent to your preferred email address in the Student Records tool in Pūaha. Email any changes to your preferred email address once you have finished studying.

Find out more about accessing and using myeQuals.

Getting a hard copy of your qualification certificate

When you apply to graduate and fill out the Online Conferment Application form, you'll tell us how you want to get your hard copy qualification certificate.

If you choose to attend a graduation ceremony, you’ll get your certificate then.

Deferring your in-person graduation

You can choose to defer your in-person graduation and attend one of the following two ceremonies.

For example, if your certificate was conferred in November 2023 you would usually attend the next ceremony in May 2024. With approval from the Graduation office, you could defer your graduation to the ceremonies in December 2024 or May 2025.

If you don’t want to attend a ceremony

If you don’t want to attend a ceremony, you can choose to pick up your qualification certificate from Kelburn Campus or have it sent to you by post.

Your certificate is usually available five working days after the University Committee meeting where it is granted.

The Graduation Office will let you know when it’s ready to collect, or when it has been sent.

Collecting your certificate

We will keep uncollected qualification certificates for 12 months. After this time, we will securely destroy any unclaimed certificates. You will then need to pay to have your certificate replaced.

If you think you are likely to move between filling out the Online Conferment Application form and the conferment of your certificate, choose to the option to collect.

If your circumstances change and you can no longer get to Kelburn Campus to pick up your certificate, you can email us and ask us to send the certificate by post instead.

Receiving your certificate by post

We’ll send your certificate to the address show on your Online Conferment Application form. We send by NZ Post in New Zealand, or by DHL if sending overseas.

Allow at least ten business days for delivery. If you don't receive your certificate, you must let us know within three months. After this time, you will need to pay to have your certificate replaced.

If you need documentation before you receive your qualification certificate

You can use your academic transcript as to show that you have completed your studies if you are applying for:

The Graduation office can also write a Completion Letter that states that you have completed all the requirements of your qualification, and the date that it will be conferred. You can email the Graduation office with your Student ID number to ask us for this.

If you need more documentation, contact your Student Success team.

Certificate format

All qualification certificates include:

  • your full legal name
  • the name of your qualification
  • the date the qualification was granted.

Depending on your qualification, your certificate may also include your class of honours, an award of merit or distinction, and your major.

Minors and scholarships are not printed on certificates but are included on your academic transcript.

Speak to someone

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