VILP for study abroad and exchange students

Because we recognise the value Victoria and students gain from international exchange, VILP offers a special programme for Study Abroad and Exchange students.

This version has fewer participation requirements due to time constraints. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Participation in VILP.

A Study Abroad/Exchange student is defined as an international student studying at Victoria for one or two trimesters. If you are studying your full degree at Victoria you are eligible for the normal VILP programme.

Participation requirements

The requirements for this tailored version of the Victoria International Leadership Programme are:

  • attend and submit feedback for two seminars,
  • attend and submit feedback for two speaker events,
  • complete at least 20 Experiential Activity points,
  • identify yourself as a Study Abroad or Exchange student to the VILP team.

Points to note:

  • at least one of the seminars you attend should be New Zealand focused (these are identified on Blackboard)
  • experiential activity should have a New Zealand focus. For example, 50 experiential points will be given if you complete a Māori studies course such as MAOR 123 or a language paper such as MAOR 101.
  • Study Abroad and Exchange students should notify us at, before leaving New Zealand, if you anticipate completing all the required VILP components for the Certificate.