Student Voice surveys—2018

In 2018, Victoria University of Wellington conducted three surveys to capture insights from all our students. Explore the results now.

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New student survey

Student Voice—Getting Started was sent to all new students in March and asked for their feedback on initial experiences of student life at Victoria. This included questions about enrolment and orientation.

Access the results from the 2018 Student Voice—Getting started survey.

Postgraduate student survey

Ensuring all students have a great experience at Victoria is very important to us and is one of the University's key strategic goals.

A postgraduate student survey was sent to all postgraduate students in September, which gave students the opportunity to share insights into their postgraduate experience at Victoria University.

Access the results from the 2018 Postgraduate Experience survey.

Undergraduate student survey

Victoria University of Wellington has joined the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium which will allow us to compare your student experience to that of students at universities across the world.

This survey gave students the opportunity to voice their opinion and help change the University. Unlike other student surveys, this survey drilled down into how students spend their time at Victoria University, how much they engage with the opportunities on offer and what could benefit from changing.

The results will be available later this year.