Preventing procrastination

The more we worry, the more we procrastinate. The more we procrastinate, the more we have to worry about. Break the cycle—try a new technique and take action.

The Pomodoro Technique

The is a simple technique that breaks your time down into chunks. For 25 minutes you turn off all possible distractions and then work on only one thing for that time.

After your first “pomodoro,” you take a five (5) minute break.

Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law is a psychological phenomenon where work stretches to fill the time you have available for its completion. If you are given a week to get something done, you will take a week. If you are given two weeks, you will take two weeks.

Use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage:

  • If it takes you 30 minutes to do a task (like email), give yourself five (5) minutes instead.
  • If you have a week to do an assignment, do it in three (3) days.

Covey’s Time Management Matrix

Are you a list maker? Do you like writing to-do lists and ticking each item off?

Try Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix, this is a great visual way to prioritise tasks. The matrix allows you to divide your to-do list into four quadrants and classify tasks by urgency and importance.

Download and print your own Time Management Matrix or draw up your own quadrant each day in your diary or study notebook.

Check out our study routine module that has helpful tips on setting up a good study routine.

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