Tackling daily distractions

Make the most out of now. Explore ways that you can overcome common daily distractions to make the most of your time.

Explore ways that you can overcome common daily distractions.


Studies show only two percent of the population can multi-task successfully. Try mono-tasking and focus on one task at a time.

Phone, tablet or laptop notifications

Alerts are a distraction and interfere with your attention span. Turn off email, social media and text alerts or have your device on silent, to cut down on distractions.


All of us are guilty of getting stuck on Facebook. Enjoy Facebook guilt-free by logging on after you’ve finished your most important tasks for the day.

If you can’t rely on willpower alone, try site blocking programs that uses a timer. There’s Self-Control for Mac and Self-Restraint for Windows.

Being disorganised

Getting up to look for things could break your momentum during study. Organise your space before starting a long study session so you’ll have all you need within reach.

Combating boredom

Faced with the same old study techniques or topics you are not interested in? Add other activities into your learning—draw mind maps, use colour or post-it notes, make flash cards, read out loud, or study with others.


Lacking in motivation? Think about your long term career goal. Also what you will get out of the task (eg. Set yourself specific targets for bits of study, plan your essay to help structure your answer, or revise the last three lectures to create a revision sheet for the exam.

Make the most out of now

Explore 21 ways to get the most out of now and find out what techniques can help you to make the most impact.

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