Student Wellbeing Awareness Team (SWAT)

The Student Wellbeing Awareness Team (SWAT) empowers students about their own health by raising awareness and providing education about health and wellbeing.

The Student Wellbeing Awareness Team (SWAT) are current students who lead health promotion action on campus, creating space and conversations around mental health and wellbeing for students and the wider community.

SWAT health and wellbeing initiatives

The team meets regularly to plan wellbeing events, campaigns, and projects that promote a well-balanced life while studying at university.

SWAT campaigns and projects on campus include:

  • Pink Shirt Day: an anti-bullying campaign to highlight the power of people in feeling safe, valued, and respected.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week: promoting the five ways to wellbeing during stress-free study week
  • Volunteer Awareness Week: public speaking and activities promoting the link between volunteering and wellbeing
  • Submissions and feedback on proposed policy and service changes at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Peer support groups, designed and led by Victoria University of Wellington students.

SWAT is part of Student Wellbeing, located in the Student Academic Services Retention, Achievement and Equity team. Our work is guided by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Objectives and Okanagan Charter.

Get involved

Volunteering for SWAT will help you gain confidence, feel good, develop people skills, and contribute positively to the wellbeing of students at the University.

SWAT provides flexible volunteering, matching your interests to real world skills in health promotion, leadership, planning, coordination, and speaking.

Wellington Plus Award Programme

Volunteering for SWAT is an approved activity for the Wellington Plus Award Programme, a leadership development programme for students, coordinated by the Careers and Employment services. Volunteering for SWAT earns up to 50 points towards Wellington Plus each trimester.

Join the Student Wellbeing Awareness Team

Do you want to help drive positive conversations and change around wellbeing and health for students? Find out more about SWAT and how you can get involved by emailing

One of our friendly SWAT leaders will make a time to meet with you to discuss how you can get involved, your special areas of interests, and your time commitments.

Speak to someone

Mauri Ora—Health and Counselling

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am–5.00 pm
Level 1, Student Union Building, Kelburn campus